January 5, 2018

2018 Preyer Family reunion January journal

Boy oh Boy!, how we made it through 2017, I will never know, but we have fam.  For my family and I it was a really crazy and activity filled year.  First was new great grandbabys, expected, therefore baby showers we had to attend, then there was the the 2017 Family Reunion in June we made it through without going bankrupt, then there was a child moving back home, then there was a Birthay Party with out of state friends that the hubby had been planning from the beginning of the year, then there was my oldest daughter getting married in October, just after school starts, but just before the big holidays, then there was great grandbaby # 2 born, then great grandbaby # 3 born, then Thanksgiving and dinner, then was Christmas Eve with gifts, and drinks and fun with the kiddos, then Christmas day dinner; where I have the nerve to get ill with Bronchitis and commence to get everyone in the house sick, then there was New Years Eve, where hubby and I are both sick wrapped up in blankets on the couch trying not to get the brother in law sick, while watching Dick Clarks Rocking New Year's Eve.... only to look at each other at midnight and say a very sad, "Happy New Year", then off to bed to cough the rest of the night away,,,,,,now breathe,,,,,,,,ahhhhh!  I wouldn't change a thing, because everything we did in 2017 was all about family, family, family, and this year my focus is on you family,,,,,,, so you will hear a lot from me this year.  I want to see your smiling faces and feel your warm hugs at this year's reunion.  I look forward to having fun with all of you.  As you can see, life does get busy, but take a little time out to come out and meet some more of your family.  Get to know the Preyer Family and what we are all about.  I have met some of you and I am very happy to know you.  Please plan to make the reunion this year.  It will be a great time for all.


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