October 21, 2017

2018 Preyer Family Reunion

During the 2017 Preyer family reunion, I though to myself, this is a very huge project for anyone to take on.  I watched as our last coordinator worked her fingers to the bone, getting all of us to the right places at the right time, while making sure her own family was surviiving the chaos of it all.  I watched famly members go here and there and back and fourth, and all over the place just enjoying one another's company.  I was in awe of it all.  Now this was not my first reunion.  But it was "the " first reunion for the Preyer Family of course, and I really and truely thought it came out really good,,,,for a first time??????  It was awesome.  Was it perfect? Of course not, where there some hickups, your damn right there was.  But, if anyone has ever been to an african-american event where there were no hickups,,,,,could you invite me to the next one, because I would love to see what that looks like.  Here is what I know.  My grandchildren had the time of their lives.  They went place they had never been, and they met family members that look like them and that they genuinely liked.  That right there was worth it all for me.  So, this next year, 2018, we are looking so very forwar to seeing familiar faces, and meeting brand new faces. Learning about our history together is the most important thing we can do as a race.  So let's make a promise to keep this reunion going, its good for our race, it's good for our creed, and it's good for our souls. I will be posting more about what we are planning as time goes on, so check back in to this page for more information and journaling. God Bless our Preyer Family


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