1. Will there be a deposit?
No, this year we are purchasing tickets for each family member attending the reunion.  To fit your budget, you can buy as many or as few tickets as you want at any time.  Ex. (If you are short on funds this month, maybe you can just get the kids tickets for now and purchase the adult tickets later, like around tax time), or visa versa, whatever fits your budget.  This way no one has to keep up with deposits and balances.  Each purchaser is responsible for the tickets you buy. So be sure to hold on to all receipts for you ticket purchases. That receipt is your ticket to the reunion. You will be given an armband for every ticket you purchased.  
2. Where do I start?
The RSVP Page
3. Where do I pay for registration?
Right here on the website on the "Registration Page"
4. When do I send in my money for the reunion?
As soon as we receive enough "RSVP's" , we will begin the registration stage, and open the "Registration Page" of this website,  so be sure to spread the word and tell everyone to come to the website to RSVP.  This will give us a good idea of how many are attending and whether we will be able to afford to move forward with the current plan.
5. Can I purchase by check?
Yes you can purchase by check

Please make all checks out to 

2018 Preyer Family Reunion  (do not make check out to Solomon)

Send Check or Money Order to:

Solomon McQuinton III
8301 Big Stone Court 
Fort Worth TX 76123
6. How can I know who else is coming
Check the Who's Coming Page
7. What is the final date due for all registration ticket purchases?
April 30, 2018
8. Will we be driving to different venues?
Not unless you would like to explore the twin cities on your own.  The entire family reunion will be held at one location.  The Emabassy Suites Hotel South DFW.
9. How far is the venue from the airport?
The hotel is about a 15 minute drive to and from the DFW Airport, and about a 30 minute drive to and from Dallas Love Field.
10. Is there a shuttle from the airport to the Hotel?
Yes, if you provide us with your flight information, we can let the hotel know when you will be arriving and have the shuttle there to pick you up.