Hi Family 
Here's how to navigate this website
Hopefully you have been to the "Welcome Page", if not please start there for date information for the reunion. Then navigate the website in this order.

1) "DETAILS OF EVENTS PAGE"  This page has the order of events  for the weekend of the family reunion.

2) "RSVP PAGE"  This page is where we RSVP, each family member attending the reunion.

3) "REGISTRATION PAGE"  This is the page where we will purchase tickets for each family member attending the family reunion, and select the T-Shirt ticket for each family member attending according to T-Shirt size.

3) "TRAVELERS PAGE" For those who are traveling from afar, this page guides you to the resources such as airports, car rentals, as well as hotel shuttle information.   There is also a  "Things to Do" section on this page. 

4) "WHO'S COMING' This page show us all who has RSVP'd and who's scheduled to come to the famly reunion.

5) "CALENDAR" This calenar shows birthdays of everyone that has RSVP'd to the family reunion.  This is a great way to know more about our family members and see who shares birthdays.

6) "FAMILY TREE" This page shows the history of the famly; from whom and where we all come  from.

7) "FAMILY PHOTOS"  This page is where we can all post family photos.  Post any photo of your children's achievements, or events, or anything you like here.  This is the best way to put faces to names, and truly know one another.

8) "ARMED SERVICES" This page is where we can show off our family's military service members.  

Family, there are a few other pages you can explore on as well.   Just bounce around the site, and have fun sharing.  We look forward to seeing you all next year.
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